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In fact, we always start from contradictions when judging our feelings; something is pleasant or unpleasant, ugly or beautiful, etc. But how fascinating the world becomes when we look together for the possibilities in the enormous space between all those contradictions. In this area you often come up with new solutions; the third way! Think of it as a proportional triangle working from the two bottom corners to the top in the middle. What non-dual thinking can do for you? Especially making your life easier by allowing you to better deal with career and life questions, stress, tension and conflicts.
Non dual thinking
finding the ‘third way’
The 7-level consciousness model designed by Richard Barret. We work closely with him. It is a flexible model that brings your life values, leadership values and company values together. The model has seven levels and shows at a glance what you stand on as a person, leader or company. The model is dynamic and invites reflection and discussion. Moreover, the results are measurable and so is progress. This also makes it extremely suitable for team transformation at a business level.
The 7-level consciousness model
see at a glance where you are
Branded leadership differentiates with a clear customer and team benefit, uniquely tied to the brand.
Meaningful Differentiation
The strength of the emotional connection is one of the most important indicators of branded leadership
Emotional Connection
The strength of the emotional connection is one of the most important indicators of branded leadership
Value for money
An branded leader offers proximity. Presence next to presentation is instrumental to build proximity.
Branded Leadership that is perceived as leading in their field benefits from higher conversion rates and is preferred beyond their fair share.
Mental Leader
While we are discussing your presentation, we will also go in search of your own, unique ‘golden frame’. What suits you, and above all, what does not suit you? Which talents do you have, and how can you present yourself in your own, unique way? By defining your unique ‘golden frame’, you get to know and observe yourself better. You will notice that it becomes easier for you to present and inspire in an authentic way, coming from this zone! A businesslike attitude, a sense of humour, and professionalism, combined with your golden personality. That is what impresses your public.
Golden Frame
Be vulnerable in strength, and professional!